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Download Launcher 4 – A Launch Bar Replacement for Fetching, Viewing and Launching Files of Any Type with A Simple Mouse Click

Install the new Poco Launcher 4.0 with all the chips on any POCO with Miui 13!


Launcher IS A Launch Bar ReplaCement for Fetching, Viewing and Launching Files of Any Type with A Single Click.The Launcher Was Written in Delphi 2010 . Hobby Project that I have Steadly Developed Over Many Years. IT ALSO Depends on Your IDEAS and SUGGEGESTIONS, SO Consider Your Fedback Always Welcome.

System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7-10

Launcher features

  • Small, Super-Fast While Using Fewer Resources. It TheFore Requires A Minimum of Hardware.
  • Available as a setup.Exe with Removal, Or the Form of a Zipper File that Simple No Need to Install. Does not save Anything in the Registry.
  • IT Works Regardless of the Unit Letter Indicated. The Perfect Solution for All Your USB Drives.
  • Provides an Active, Visually Appealing and Intition Interface in a Fairly Large Window with Excellent Quality and Smooth Feel.
  • Much More Elegant and Also Significantly Faster than the Windows Startup Menu Is Offten Very Difficult to Understand.
  • Examine The Exact Link, Including All Parameters and Allows You to Determine the Most Significiate Title.
  • Very Flexible and Easy to Arrange icons. The Window Can Beced Anywhere on the Desktop and IS Located at the Edge of the Screen.
  • Many Different Possibilites to Reduce the Size of the Window, Hide it, Keep it Always in Front, and Automatically Drag it Around the Screen. Displays only when!
  • Control The Transparency of Windows with The Fade and Fading Effect.
  • The icons and Hotkeys with Multiple Function Spezial.
  • Set Your Own Background Image Associated with A Window, Not the Frame.
  • A Window That Colors Better Matches The Background of Your Screen. The Page Can Be Sorted by Color.
  • Simple Security Concept, Based on a Main Menu Canbled. Block Installation At Home Or, More Importly, On a Public Computer.
  • Use Popup Windows to Display Messages in Any Form, Both on the Local Computer and On Remote Computers on the Network.
  • Call Screen Integration for Incoming and Outgoing Calls (Requires FritzBox) To Search for Backward Option, Unknown Number. IF A Phone Number Is Rated Questionabli, A Warning is Displayed.
  • Localized in 3 Languages. (English, German)
  • and much more …

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