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Download Korf Hydraulics 3 – A Software Application for Calculating Flow Rate and Pressure in Pipes and Pipe Networks

Korf Hydraulics Tutorial

Korf Hydraulics:

Korf Plumbing IS A Software Application for Calculating Flow Rate and Pressure in Pipes and Piping Network. Friendly and Simple Interface, and Focuses on the Ease of Operation of the Program. With App Flexible Software, You Can Easily Calculate the Type of Calculation for Diffferent Flow Rate in Different Parts of the Pipeline Network and Pressure Intensity, ETC. No Matter WHETHER IS A Simple Pipe or Nested Pipe Complex with Many Different Shapes and Architectures. All Types of Calc Anymore. This Program Has Been Ussed by the Company in Various Specifications in Different Countries, Tus Demonstrating Its Effectiv Being.

Download Korf Hydraulics 3.5 korf

Korf Hydraulics Tutorial

Korf Hydraulics

The Features of Korf Hydraulics

  • The Interface is Advanced Yet Simple
  • Ability to Report the Different Parts of the Project in Full
  • Uses The Different Database for Different Pipes, Including Non-Cylindrical Pipes
  • The Ability to Automatically Determine Suitable Pipe Semes and Avoid the Usitable Pipe Sizes
  • Ability to Perform Two-Step and Three-STEP Flash Calculations
  • The Ability to Use Hysys and Aspe Data To Calculatte Flash
  • Canplay Conneptions Based on Le/D, Crane K Or Hooper 2-K
  • The Ability to Calculate the Heat Dissife of the Pipe Line with Fairly Accurate Estimates
  • The Tool to Quickly Calculate Inlet and Outlet Pipes, Holes and Ports, Control Valve and Safety Valve.

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