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Download Keypirinha 2 – The Software Is Designed to Become An Efficiency Key Launching Application, IT Canerch for Files Or Applications

Download Keypirinha 2.24 keypirinha

Keypirinha Tutorial – To Ease Your Life 2020


Keypirinha IS Designed to Become An Efficent Launch Application, Able to Search for Files Or Applications, ETC. Keypirinha is locATed in the system and you can also us the key commbination ctrl + win + k to see the launch box. To uce it, Enter the Task You Want to Run and Press Enter. ALSO, it is set to Remember All Your Actions. This Small Application Will Make The Process of Performing Many Daily Tasks Simple. But the IS One Drawback: Its Not Include Configuration Interface, So You Need to Know to Change Bariables in Layer Files, This Will Advanced Users.

Keypirinha – Key Combinations for Launching Applications

To use keypirinha, 7-zip or similar is required.

Download Keypirinha 2.24 keypirinha

Keypirinha‘s Features:

  • Quickly Find and Launch Many items Such as Apps, Files, Bookmarks, Urls, Sessions (Putty, Winscp, Filezilla), Registration Keys
  • Start Searching on Any Website is configured or online dictionary
  • Quick Language Translation
  • Evaluate the Mathematical Expression
  • Numeric Base Conversion
  • Searching for Environment Variabs of Your
  • Launch a url is copied directly (HTTP, Mailto, Skype, ETC.)
  • Split a URL and Convert Its Argument to Json
  • Switch to a Running Application by Name
  • Perform String Hashing (CRC32, MD5, Sha, ETC.).)
  • Creation of Uuids, Random Passwords, Byte Strings
  • Of Couurse, You can link a keyword to a spacific item

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