Download JPEG Lossless Rotator 10.1

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Download JPEG Lossless Rotator 10 – The Software Rotates The Image by Performing a Special Lossless Mass Conversion, Which Preserves The Quality

Download JPEG Lossless Rotator 10.1 lossless


When You Take a Picture, Your Camera Or Phone May in Different Posits, Which Means that Images Need to Be Rotated Properly on the Screen. For Rotated Photos, Most Photo Editors Decode the Jpeg Image, Rotate The Bitmap Image, and Re-Encode it to jpeg. This Process The Quality of the Final Image. Unlike these Tools, JPEG Lossless Rotator Does Not Re-Encode The Image, But Performs a Special Lossless Block Conversion, Which Helps Preserv Image Quality. In Addition, JPEG Lossless Rotator Has A Simple Multilingual Interface and is Very Easy To Use Even For Novice Computer Users.

Download JPEG Lossless Rotator 10.1 lossless

Using The Jpeg Lossless Rotator

Features of Jpeg Lossless Rotator

  • Automatically Rotates The Image.
  • Rotate The Image in Bulk.
  • Viewing Exif Data and Editing Direction Tags.
  • Flip, Rename and Delete Images.
  • Mobile Application Options.
  • Shell Integration (Only in the Installer Version), Which Allows You to Rotate Jpeg Images by Right-Clicking On Files Or Folders.
  • Command Line Interface Options.
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