Download Jetico BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.08.1

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Download Jetico Bestcrypt Container Encryption 9 – Protect Your Privacy While Complying with Regulations, Suchch as Hipaa Or PCI, and Preventing Data Breaches

Jetico Bestcrypt Container Encryption:

. . For Features Encrypted Rejects and Jetico’s Encrypted File Container Is the Best Replacement for Truecrypt. Bestcrypt Container Encryption Includes a Full Version of Bcwipe a Jetico Solution to Permanently Delete Files, Wipe Free Space and Data Left Behind.

BestCrypt Container Encryption – Tools, Encryption, Data Protection

To Protect Stored Data, BestCrypt Container Encryption Features:

– Store and Access Encrypted Files Easily Send Through Virtual Drive

– Create and Manage Multiple Containers

– Adjust the Size of the File Capacy (from Megabytes to the Entire Drive)

– Enhanced Hidden Container (Rejected Encryption)

– Encrypted Container File Header

– Supports Public Key Encryption

– Supports Secret Sharing Schemes

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– Compress One or More Files Into An Archive, Self-Extracting Encrypted

– Windows Encrypted Swap File

– Container Level Compatible on Windows, Linux OS and Mac

– Includes Full Version of Bcwipe to Delete Military-Grade Files

– Central Management for Password Distribution, Monitoring and Recovery (Enterprise Version Only)

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