Download Insofta 3D Text Commander 6.5

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Download Insoft 3D Text Commander 6 – Provides Support in Creating 3D Animated That You can to Enhance Your Presentation

INSOFTA 3D Text Commander:

Insofta 3D Text Commander IS Software That Provides Support In Creating 3D Animated Text that you can to enhance Your Presentation Or Project Site. The Main Application Window Expresses The Work Area and All the Tools You Need to work are local in different tabs. FIRST, The OPTION OF SPECIC CUSTOM TEXT AVAILABLE AND YOU CANE CHANGE FONS AND Colors, OR USE IMAGES FROM YOUR Computer as Textures.

Download Insofta 3D Text Commander 6.5 Text

InSofta 3D Text Commander – Create 3D Animated Text

Installation of 3D Text Commander

SOME Background Options Can Be Found Here, Meaning that A Color Caner Made Transparent. However, there is no option to set an iMage, Which is a PITY CONDERING THAT THEES THE POSSIBILITY TO EDIT TEXT. Navigation Through The Editing Tool Allows You to Set Camera Position, Light and Dark, With The Ability to Save Configuions as Presets To Uste Projects Projects. You Need to be Creative from the Begining, BecAuse the Application Has No Pressets that You can choo.

How to Use Insofta 3D Text Commander#Jivi Digital Sticker

Navigating Through The File Menu Leaves You Wondering What the Animation is now, Becuse Sooner Or Later, You Also Caught the Option "Save Animation". Only After Pressing The Button, A Small Window Will Give You The Opportunity to Change Just Aspects. Animation Type Only Means that Rotate and Can Be Applied to Text or Camera, With Almost No Obvious Difference as. In Addition to the Rotation Can Be Clockwise or CounterClockwise, IT Can SPECIFY THE SIZE and Number of Frames Per Second, LEAVING THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMISE To CUST.

Overall, The 3D Text Commander Insofta Wants to Achievs with A Little Effort. It is quite easy to uce and it is ae there Few Custom Options Available. IF YOU NEED to Quickly Get a Text Rotation, this May Be the Solution.

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