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Download Ignition 2 – A CD/DVD Recording Optimization Process Helps You Save Space on Youur Media

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Ignition IS an Optimized Program for CD/DVD Recording. Helps Save Media Space by Optimizing the Way Files Are Placed OF/DVD of the Memory Card. Ignition Has the Ability to Help The User Put More Data Into An Empty Disk, It Provides a Very Simple Interface to Help Its Purpose. Ignition Supports Most Popular Disc Formats, Including CD, DVD and 650 MB Or 700 MB Double Disc, While Providing Tools to Create Images with the Selected Content Content Content Content Content. However, it is Important to note that this particular function Requires Copytodvd, So You Also Consider Installing this Application.

Ignition – Optimized CD / DVD

Ignition’s Features

  • Support 650.700 MB CDS, HD Burn CDS and DVDS (Even Dual Layer DVDS)
  • The Ability to Create ISO Images (Requires Copytodvd)
  • Automatically Create Folders for Each CD is Optimized, Or Create A TXT File Containing the List Is Option of Each of the CD Contents.
  • The Ability to Put a Variety of Files on Each Media (Automatic Execution, Codecs …)
  • Ability to Burn CDS / DVDS (Requires Copytodvd)
  • Supports Internationalization.

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