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Download Huorong Internet Security 5 – Free Comprehensive PC, Laptop and Workstation Protection for Virus Protection, Data Protection and Computer Protection

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Huorong Internet Security:

Huorong Internet Security IS A Free, Comprehece Solution for Protecting Computers, Laptops and Workstations. Protection Features Include Antivirus, Hacker and Intrusion Protection, Network Protection, Access Control, Custom ProGram Control Rules, and Other Security Tools.

Test July 2022 – Huorong Internet Security 火绒 安全 软件 5.0

Huorong Internet Security Is a Multifunctional Product that Focuses on Protecting Your Computer and Critical Data with Minimal Resource Consumption.

Features of Huorong Internet Security

  • The Antivirus Tool Known as Cobra. HVM (Huorong Virtual Machine): Has a High Probability of Detecting Known Threats and Their Variants. Microprocessor Databases are Small (Less than 5 MB), But Include Most Malware (One Signature Can Correspond to Thousands of Variants).
  • The PowerFul Hips. Support for Custom Rules.
  • Antivirus Software Can Be Configured to Display a Notification When a Threat is Detected, Inst, Inst, authomaticelly Sending the File to the Audit.
  • The Normal Scanning Mode or Speedup (Increced System Load).
  • Unlike Qihoo 360, Huorong‘s Antivirus Software DetEcted Chinese Advertising Software Without Having to Whitelist IT.
  • Bad Detection of New Threats (Without Cloud Tools); In SOME SITUATIONS, Performance is not VERY Good.
  • Antivirus Takes Up Only ABOUT 35 MB of Disk Space After Installation in the System.
  • China Huorong Internet Security Is Recognized by Microsoft as Antivirus Software for Windows.
Download Huorong Internet Security huorong

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating System Is: Windows 7/8/10
  • Empty Disk Volume: 100 Mb OR MORE.

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