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Download Gilisoft Privacy Protector 11 – Security Software Protects Your Privacy by Hiding or Blocking Files, Deleting All Internet History Logs

Gilisoft Privacy Protector:

Gilisoft Privacy Protector IS Security Software That Protects Your Privacy by Hiding Or Locking Files, Deleting All Internet History Logs and Activits Before Computer Protects Youth Securges. .

Gilisoft Privacy Protector – Privacy Protector

The Main Features of Gilisoft Privacy Protector

Delete Windows History

  • .

Deleting Browsing History

  • .IE / Firefox / Chrome Browser on Your Computer.

Erase Tractions of Software Tuesday Your

  • Many Tuesday Software Track User’s Recent Activity, Remove the Operation IS Will Help Protect Your Privacy. .

Shredder – Files and Folders to Be Securely Destroyed

  • This Application Supports Fat16 / Fat32 / Exfat / Ntfs File System, Performs Standard Cleaning and Sanitizing Dod 5220.22-m and u.S. Department of Defense Nsa, Give You The Assurance that Deleted, Your Data Files Will Disappear Forever and Cannot Be Recovered.

Hide Images, Videos, Documents

  • Gilisoft Privacy Protector Provides Second-Class Security for Personal Photos, Videos, Documents and Audio Clips; You can use Optimization to Keep Your Photos, Videos and Documents Safe and Private.

Password-Proteded File, Folder or Disk

Gilisoft Privacy Protector 8.0.0

  • There are Other Products that Can Perform Similar Tasks, But Gilisoft Privacy Protector is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Lock A File, Folder Or Disk. Once Locked, Others Cannot Access Itsword.

Create a Personal Space for You

  • Gilisoft Privacy Protector Helps You Create A Personal Space Whee Can Store Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Personal Games… YOU Can Turn On When NEEDED, Turn It OFF WHEN NOT IN USE and No ONE KNOTS Its IS There.
Download GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11.3 privacy

To prevent Viruses from Modifying Your Files

  • YOUR DATA is Like your Company’s Blood: It must be promoted at All Costs. Gilisoft Privacy Protector Helps You Make Files Or Folders Read-Or Hidden, So that No Hackers Or Malicious Software Can Harm Them.

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