Download Game The Political Process 2019 Simulation politics in America

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Download The Political Process – A Light Game Help You Acquisitive of World Political Dynamics in Political Simulation

The Political Process | #1 | Getting OUR FIRST OFFICE | Let’s Play

The Political Process:

The Political Process IS A Light Game Helping You Acquisitive of the World Political Dynamic in the Political Simulator, This Round. Create a Character, Run for Political Office, Write a Bill, Balance Budget and Decentralization, More Politics.

Play as a Democrat or Republican in the American Political System. Customize Your Character’s Name, Age and Appe their. Calculate the Political Ideology of the More than 40 Political Positions, Each Representing Aspect of Yoor Character’s Financial and Social Ideology. Play As Any Kind of Politician You Can Imagine. Create a Background for Your Character. Have to your character is a Young, Progress Trying to Improve The Politics of a World Government, A Stubborn Old Libertarian Trying Trys? Create Any Storyline and Motivation for Your Character That You Want. How Play The Game Is up to You.

You can play the game Anywhere in the Country. Choose from All 50 States and Over 3.000 Counties. Each District is Unique and Based on Real Data. YOU CAN RUN FOR 9 Different Political Positions on All LEVELS CITY, STATE and CUUNTRY. AVAILABLE POSITIONS INCLOUDE SCHOOL BOARD, CITY COUNCIL, Mayor, State SENETE, STATE GOVERNOR, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. SENATE, and PRESIDENT. Use Political Strategy to Defeat Your Opponents in Elections, Primary and General. The Campaign Process Includes: Creating a Platform, Campaigning, Door Knocking, Coordinating Volunteers, Fundraising, Organizing Rallies, Conduction Polls, and Organizing Markent. Use A Combination of these Activities to Increase Recognition, Name, Influence Public Votes, Influence Voting Enthusiasm, and Increase Voting Perrationentage.
As with the Challenge in the Last Election You Can Run for President. The Presidential Election Is Even Deeper BecAuse You Must Decide How to Divide Your Resources for All 50 States. The state woold be guaranteed to win, you can flip and you can jump. EVERY STATE IS Different, SO YOU WILL HAVE To Tailor Its Message Accordingly. You will have to Pursue Independent Voters, Try to Increase The Voting Percentage Among The Supporters You Vote for To Vote for You Opponent? With the Right Strategies, You Can Become the Next President. BUT YOUR Strategy Cannot Focus Only On Winning the Election. IF YOU WANT To Become A SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENCY, YOU Will NEED A MAJORTY in the Legislature. This Means that Party Members Must Win Electers. To Help The Party Win You Cannot Win A Campaign in the State, So Can Cast You Vote to Win The Electation.

Choose from More than 80 Types of Laws. You can chooose a Bill Related to Taxes, Education, Crime, Health Care, Poverty, etc., For Example, You Can Adjust Tariffs, Reduce Subsidies, Social Security, Eliminate Food Stamps, Increase Subsidies for Higher Education, Reduce Time in Prison, School, College, And More.

For EVERY VICTORY You ACHIEVE, You Will Earn Political Points. This is a representation of your Own Political Experience. Political Views Play An Important Role in the Game. In the Legislature, You are appoint char of your comittee. As President, You Will Be Able to Decide Hether or Not to Get a Hearing. This Gives You The Power To Stop Legislation From Becomping Law.

Download Game The Political Process 2019 Simulation politics in America political

Leadership Positions Willow You to Create a Budget, Which Must Be Approved by the Legislature. Determine Tax Policy and Decide How to Distribute Income Tax. Choose The Government Program You Want to Support and Which Program You Want to Remove. MAKE TOUGH decisions that can have IMPACT on your Constituents.

The Political Process | #1 | Getting OUR FIRST OFFICE | Let’s Play

Minimum configuration:

  • Need to have 64-bit Operating Systems and Processors
  • Operating System: Windows 8, 8.1, 10 64-bit
  • Processor: 2 GHZ
  • RAM: 2 Gb of Memory
  • Disk Space: 500 MB of Free Hard Disk Space

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