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Download Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited 10 – A PowerFul Software to Manage Digital Images, View, Extract and Compress Bit Map Files / Large Pixels

Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited:

Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited, Extensis is a PowerFul Software for Digital Image Management, Viewing, Extraction and Compression of Large Bit/Pixel Map Files. This Software Compresses Bulky Raster Files with Separate Algorithms Without Compromising Their Quality. Easily Open Raster Files Such as Aerial Maps, Satellite Maps, etc., And Finally Compress Them Effectively. This Program Tried to Prevent the Compression Effect When Opening The Map and Photos with Other Geographic Application Such as Arcgis, Erdas, ETC. SO that you canisly compress your digital Photos by Opening them in Other Software.

How to Install GeoExpress Unlimited 10.01 (x64) l كيفية ثimes جيو إimes أوريP أimesيdingتاد

Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited – Photo Map Management

How to Install GeoExpress Unlimited 10.01 (x64) l كيفية ثimes جيو إimes أوريP أimesيdingتاد

According to the Manuapacturer, The Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited Program Can Reduce of Images to Be Imported by Up to 5 Times, and Significant Figure. With GeoExpress You Can Open Different Image Formats Tif, Geotiff, Bil, Erdas, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Sun Raster Doqs, Mrsid, ETC. As Soon As You Open The Image in Its Format, The Information Contained in the Metadata Isplayed. The Graphic Interface of the Program Is Very Easy To Design and, As with Other Windows Applications, You Can Easily Interact with the Environment.

Features of Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited

  • Save Disk Space and Memory by Compressing 5x Photos and Maps
  • The Ability to Enhance and Edit Images, Such AS Crop, Color Balance, Rotate, ETC.
  • Translation Photo Mosaic
  • Automatic Adjustment of Color, Contrast and Gamma for An Image Or Series of Images in Preview
  • The Ability to Crop Photos and Get the Output in Different Formats
  • Ability to Print An Image with All the Information in IT

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