Download Ephere Ornatrix for 3DsMax v7.2.9 for 3DsMax 2022

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Download Ephere Ornatrix for 3DSMAX V7 – Ornatrix for 3DS MAX IS A System Designed To Solve The Prince of Creating Hair and Hair -Like Structures.

Ornatrix 3DSMAX V7

Ephere Ornatrix for 3dsmax:

Ephere Ornatrix for 3dsmax IS a System Designed to Solve The Problem of Creating Hair and Hair-Like Structures. To AchievE this Goal It Employs A Number of Tools and Automations that Allow The User To Work in An Easy and Intuitive Environement. Brush, Comb and Cut Hair. Quickly Define The Hair Flow on a Surface with Arrows. Fry, Curl, Curl and Braid Hair Proceduraly

Ephere Ornatrix for 3dsmax – Creating Hair and Hair -Like Structures

Ephere Ornatrix Key Features:

  • Procedural Hair
  • Build Hair with A Variety of Friendly Operators
  • Strand Groups for Non-Destructive Filtering
  • Multiple Dynamics Options for All Types of Simulations
  • Familiar iterative Refinement Workflow
  • Easy-to -use Expense Pressetting System
  • Tight Integration with 3dsmax
  • Works Within the Modifier and Object Framework of 3DSMAX
  • Friendly Toolbar for Quick Startup
  • Built-in Support and All Third-Party Renderers
  • Simple SDK for Access and Extensions
  • Numerous Import and Export Options

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