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Download Desksoft EarthView 7 – Software to Create Animated Wallpapers for Your Computer Or Select Screen Savers of Your Favorites.

Desksoft EarthView:

With the Software Desksoft EarthView YOU CAN EASILY CREATE COMPUTER BACKGROUNDS Or Selecta Favorite Screen Saver. The Schedule Cange Day and Night, Clouds Will Also Change According to Current Weather Conditions ONE Or Another Part of the Earth, You Can See City Lights.

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CITIES, the IS ALSO The Ability to Work with The System a Number of Screens, and Also Has Support for Working with 64 -by.

Desksoft EarthView

Not only desksoft EarthView ALSO YOU CANEATE HIGH RECOLATION, Colorful, High Quality Images for Any Screen Resolution – Even Over 3840×2160! The Program Supports Displaying Global Maps, Urban Areas, City Lights, Weather Effects, Clouds, Weather Information, Local Time Display and Much More. EarthView Supports Different Maps Show Oour Planet in Different Ways, Including Seasonal Chanels in Vegetation, Snow Cover and Ice Ocean.

EarthView Supports Five Different, Beautiful, Terrestrial Maps Starting At 10 KM Resolution, Which Means that At 100% Zoom Level, 1 Pixel on the Screen IS Equavalent To 10 Kilometers.

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Desksoft EarthView Features

  • EarthView Has a Detailed View of the Earth
  • Day and Night Visualization
  • Real Weather Effects.
  • Sharpness of Display of Urban Areas and City Lights
  • Cloud (Download Current Cloud Data from the Internet)
  • Weather Data (Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Pressure, ETC.) and Weather Data (Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Pressure, etc.).).)
  • Map and Global Projection When Using EarthView
  • Seasonal Map Shows Changes in Vegetation, Snow Cover and Frozen Ocean
  • SOME Beautiful Maps to Choose from
  • Location and Local Time of Over 120.000 Cits of the World
  • Support for Wallpapers and Screensavers
  • Support for Multiple Monitors
  • More Options to Customize the Full
  • Silent Installation and Removal for Mass Deployment
  • EarthView Now Supports Windows 10!

Desksoft EarthView 6 Content Update.0.3:

New: City Database Updates

Desksoft EarthView 6 Content Update.1.0:

New: City Database and Time Zone To Update.

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