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Download Deskartes 3Data Expert 14 – A Professional Tool for Preparing 3D Models for Simulation and Additive Manuapacturing Applications

Deskartes 3Data Expert:

Deskartes 3Data Expert Ultimate IS A Professional Tool For Preparing 3D Models for Simulation and Addition Manoufacturing Applications. There are A Number of Commands to Manipulate the 3D Surface Model and 3D Models. Tenes Include Triangle Surface, Verification and Repair, STL Offset, Splitting, Linking, Decimation, Smoothing, Shrining, Caging and Boolean, AS Well as STL COLORIN. Support Sand Created to Outline Sand Section. Basic Support Can Be Creed for Both Processes, Stereolithography, Dlp and Metal. With The Latest 64-bit Distribution Model with Millions of Triangles Can Be Processed Reliably. The Model Has Been Prepared Can Be Sent Directly to the Process of Obtaining the Interface New Plug.

Download DeskArtes 3Data Expert deskartes

The Features of Deskartes 3Data Expert Ultimate

  • Cut, Copy and Paste 3D Data
  • Templates for Production
  • Tool Options and Advanced Alternatives to Correct the Model
  • Create and Run Macross to Fix The Actual Model
  • Tool Windows and Tools to Access The Repair and Manipulation Command Are the Most Widley Used
  • Intuitive Menu Structure to Support Workflow
  • Help Text Window to Facilite the Repair Process
  • Different Error Filtering Level to Fix The Model for Simulation THE 3D Printing
  • Tree Model Sorting to Fix The Model and Organize Data More Efficently
  • Clean Surfaces to Remove Small Surface and Simplify the Surface Texture Model
  • Enhance 64-bit Implementation to Handle Millions of Triangles
  • Select the Display Direction for the Advanced Texture Model
  • Bitmap Output Slices for the Dlp-Based Am Process
  • Texture Patint to Color the Textures of the 3d Model.

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