Download COM Port Info 1.1.5

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Download Com Port Info – The Software is Designed to Provide Detailed Com Port Information and Some Management Function

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Com Port Info:

Com Port Information IS Designed to Provide Detailed Information ABOUT COM PORTS and SOME Management Functions. It is a Simple and Convenent Interface that Allows You to Take A Look At Your Computer’s Com Ports. Canplay two views with Com Port and Connection Type (Bustypes).

You can also securely erase the hardware and reboot the device to restore it after "Secure Deletion" (Requires Administrator Privileges). You Will Also Be Able to Change or Swap Com Port Numbers (Requires Administrator Privileges). Not only that, it can work USB Port Recovery (XP, Win8 and 10). Com Port Information Also Provides Access to Device Manager and Computer Event Viewer.

Features of Com Port Info

  • Two views with the Com Port and Connection Type (Bustypes)
  • Restarting The Device to Restore it after "Secure Deletion" (whetow with administrator privateges)
  • Changes and Swaps Com Port Numbers (IF Starting with Administrator Privileges)
  • Its Shows The "Default Gateway Parameter"
  • Show The "Port Properties".

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