Download Cisdem Duplicate Finder 2.0.0

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Download CISDEM Duplicate Finder 2 – Find and Delete Duplicate Files Quickly and Accurately and Recover More Storage ON YOUR Computer Computer.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder:

Cisdem Duplicate Finder IS Software That Allows You to find and Delete Duplicate Files Quickly and Accurately and Recover More Content On Your Computer Computer. CISDEM Duplicate Finder Uses Advanced Scanning Algorithms to Compare Files by Content, Not Just Name, Time Or Size. With Its Advanced Scanning Engine and Configurabiles, You Can Easily Control The Location and Type of Files that Will Be Scanned.

Gemini, The Duplicate Finder

Using Advanced Scanning Algorithms, Cisdem Duplicate Finder Can Quickly Filter Out Copies of Images (iPhoto) and Music (iTunes) While Simultaneousula Maintaining The Application. You can use Cisdem Duplicate Finder to Detect and Remove Simiges that have Small Differences. Search a Series of Photos and Help You Preserv the Most Beautiful Image Aftin Continous Capture.

The File Group Is Divined into Different Categories: Document, Image, Music, Video, Archive, Package, ETC., .

Rely on Cisdem Duplicate Finder to Automatically Select Replicas and Keep the Original Source. Duplicate Files Cansferred to the Recycle Bin, a Custom Folder Or permanently Deleted.

Features of Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • Scan Files Belonging to A SPECIC TYPE OR SIZE to Perform A Quick Scan.
  • SET LISTS ASIDE SOS NOT To Affect Specific Files Or Folders.
  • Search for Duplicate Images, Videos, Music, Documents, Archives, etc.
  • Supports Both EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES AND USB and Other Data Storage Devices.

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