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How to Install Bitcomet in Windows.

Download Bitcomet – The Program Supports Downloading Torrent Files Quickly, Supports Multiple Security Protocols and A Modern Interface


Bitcomet Is the Program That Supports Fast Torrent File Downloading, Supports Multiple Security Protocols and A Modern Interface. Bitcomet IS A Free P2P File-Sharing Software Fully Compatible with Bittorrent, One of the Most Popular P2P Protocols, Designed for High-Speed Distributations GB. Bitcomet IS a PowerFul, Clean, Fast and Easy To Use Bittorrent Client. Supports Simultaneous Download, Download Queue, Download Selected Torrent Package, Resume, Fast Chat, Disk Buffer, Speed Limits, Port Mapping, Proxy, IP FILTERING.

Download BitComet 1.98 + Portable bitcomet

Bitcomet – Torrent Download Process

Features of Bitcomet

  • Clean and Free, with no adware or spyware.
  • Completly New Core is Written in C ++, CPU USAGE is VERY STABLE AND FAST, VERY LOW.
  • Many Downloads at Once, Ability to Select Files to Download with Torrent and Set the Priority LEVEL of the File.
  • The Ability to Limit the Upload Speed and the Download Speed.
  • Smart Connect Optimized, Automatic Optimization for Different Conneptions, Works Well Using All Default Settings.
  • Intelligent Optimization Rate Control, Distribution, Upload for Maximum Download Speed.

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