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Download Axiom – FFMPEG -BASED TOL THAT ALLESNS TO TAKE Advantage of the Software’s Capabilites Without’s Script Yourself


Axiom IS A Relatively Simple Application that Packs The Features of Ffmpeg Provided in the Intuitive User Interface. Allows You to Convert Media Files to Multiple Formats, As Well as Resize and Trim Videos. This Application IS Available in Two Variants: A Variant that Requires a Separate Download of Ffmpeg and Variant lie in Necessary Components. You can set the path to ffmpeg and ffprobe from the Program Installation, If They Are not automatically detected.

Download Axiom Alpha axiom

Axiom: Convert and Create HLS Videos

Axiom Allows You to Convert Media Files to Multiple Formats, Change the Size of the Video Base Rate to Certain Trim Sizes, and Even Trim The Video. Overall, Axiom is a good choice for users Who Like FFMPEG’s FUNCTIONALITY BUT Do Not Like to the Command Line. It is Definitely Intuitive and Can Be Used with Very Little Effort.

Alpha 1.2.3_06 caused a blue death screen

Alpha 1.2.3_06 caused a blue death screen

Features of Axiom

  • The Power of FFMPEG in A Minimalist Interface
  • Convert Any Media File to Multiple Formats
  • Cutting the Timeline the Video and Audio
  • Change Video Size and Standard Frame Rate
  • No Loss of Quality, Constant and Variable
  • Automatic Quality and Copy Mode
  • Advanced Batch Processing
  • Video Sequence of Images
  • Install User-Customized Settings
  • The Command Create File.

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