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Arturia Stage-73 V:

Arturia Stage-73 v . Arturia Stage-73 V Uses The Usward-Winning Modeling Technology to Recreate Anest Sound and Playing Experience of Electric Pianos Are the Most Popular of All Time. We Creed Templates for Beth The Fender Piano Case and Piano Scene – Including the Model Stage in 1973 and 1974 Separatly to Get the Difference in Composing Them. We are Talking ABOUT AUDIO and Aesthetic Fidelity with the Original. YOU CAN ALSO Easily Activate the Head and Customize Mechanical Components to Make Your Instrument Unique. Vintage Amplifiers and a Wide Range of Pedal Effects Rounded Virtual Electric Piano You’ve Always Dreamed of Having.

Download Arturia Stage-73 V arturia

Stage 73 V 2

Arturia Stage-73 v

Main Features of Arturia Stage-73 v

  • Advanced Physical Modeling Tooling (No Static Model)
  • Stage Model and Case Features Stage Model
  • Fender Rhodes ™ Stage 73 1973 Return To Previous (Tone)
  • Fender Rhodes ™ Stage 73 1974 Onwards (Bass Boost)
  • Fender Twin Amplifier
  • Reverb Spring Pattern
  • On-Axis and Off-Axis Microphone Control
  • Tone, Vibration Effects, Mono Is the Output Circuitry
  • Model Suitcase Has an Equalization Model for Bass and Treble
  • Stereo Vibrato with Velocity and Intensity Controls
  • Suitcase Amplifier Modeled Preamplifier
  • Effects Loop (Pre-EQ)
  • The output how you can do orDer
  • Volume, Wah, Auto-Wah and Flanger
  • Compressor
  • Choir
  • ANALOG DELAY Advanced Modify the Model Itself
  • Harmonic Profile Selection
  • Changing Speed Curves
  • Resonance Sound Tone
  • Distance Collectors
  • Adjustment to Align the Pickup
  • Auto Range Distance
  • 80 Preinstalled at the factory
  • Easy-to -use Mapped Midi

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