Download apulSoft apUnmask 1.0.3

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Download Apulsoft Apunmask – an Audio Plugin for Amplife Sound Components Psychologically Obscined by Other Components

Apulsoft Apunmask:

Apulsoft Apunmask is an Audio Plugin that Allows You to Amplife Sound Components that Psychology Obscued by Other Other Components. To Achieved this, Apunmask Uses Parts of the Detection Algorithm of the High-Quality Audio Compression Codec Opus. Signal Components that Will Be Removed by Compression Will Be Extexted. Are Offten Inaudible Because the Are Obscured by Larger Time and Frequency Components. Apunmask Allows You to Amplify and Create Masked Content and Add It to Music.

To configure the Frequencies of the Extexted Signal, it is Passed Through A Linear Phase Graphic Equalizer. HAS A Smooth Frequency Response Bezier Curve. The Result is a Surreal Form of Sound. This Process Allows Listeners to Hear Many Aspects of the Music at the Same Time. Apunmask Can Be Used as an Overall Effect or Intelligent Stimulator For Individual Devices.

Download apulSoft apUnmask 1.0.3 apunmask

Features of Apulsoft Apunmask

  • Into into the Main Track or Single Track to Enhance it.
  • Adjust the Main Gain Until The Correct Amount of Delta Signal Isable.
  • Activate The Delta Listen Button to Listen to the Sound "Phantom" That opus codec Will Remove. This is What Usually Exists in the Darkness of Your Music.
  • Experiment with the Resolution Knob to find the Most Interesting Components.
  • EDIT EQ Curves to Extract and Enhance the Best Content.
  • Turn Off Delta Listening and Enjoy The Result.

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