Download apulSoft apShaper 1.1.5

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Download Apulsoft Apshaper – Anudio Effects Plugin for Adding Harmonic Distortion to Audio Signal. Combines a Waveshaper with Three Filter Bands…

Hybrid Drum Loop Mixing Apulsoft Plugins

Apulsoft apshaper:

Apulsoft apshaper IS a plugin for inserting Audio Effects to Add Harmonic Content to Audio Signals. Combines a Waveshaper with Three Filter Bands and Various Modulation Options – Two Lfos, A Dynamics Detector, and User -Configurable Knobs.

APSHAPER FEATURES FIVE Shaping Engines Ranging from Adding Harmonic Distortion to Frely Configural Polygonal Wavefolding.

The Three Filter Bands Come Directly from Apulsoft Apqualizr2 and Offer the Same Great Quality Without’s at High Frequencies. The Included Variable-Slope Low-Pass Filter Allows for Smooth Slopes Not Possible with Traditional Filtering, Ideal for Gently Shaping with Large Amounts of AppLied Distortion.

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