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Download Alterpdf Pro 6 – The PDF TOOL BASICOLLY Allows Users to Convert, Edit and Sign PDF Documents of Its OWN

Alterpdf Pro:

Alterpdf IS a set of basic PDF Tools Allows You To Convert, Edit and Sign PDF Documents Yourself.You can convert PDF to Images and Vice Versa, Extract Text and Images, Merge PDF Files Into Document, Split PDF INTO MULTIPLE FILES, ROTETE, Crop and Delete SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE SPELETE.The Program Also Allows You to Encrypt (Password Protect), Decrypt, Sign and Edit Metadata of PDF Files. All Operations Can Be Performed On a Single File or Mode for Multiple PDF Documents.Alterpdf Provides a Number of Tools to Manipulate PDFS, However Each Tool is Limited to Basic Functions and the Supported Image Format Does Not Include Png.

Alterpdf – Convert and Edit PDF Files

. Alterpdf Impresses from The First Glance with How Well It Works, How Simple and Intuitve It Looks, and the Number of Great Features it Offers.


Features of Alterpdf Pro

  • Convert PDF to Images. You can convert all or selection Pages to Image Format, E.G. BMP, JPG, EMF, TIFF.
  • Converting Images to PDF. This Tool Allows You to Convert JPG to PDF, Convert BMP to PDF.
  • Text Extection from PDF. This Tool Extracts All the Textual Content from the Incoming PDF File (S) and Saves it in Structured Txt format.
  • Extract Images from PDF. This Tool Extracts The Original Object Image from the PDF File.
  • Merge PDF. Using this Tool, You Can Merge Multiple PDF Files Into Document.
  • Split PDF. This feature allows you to split pdf docto multiple films.
  • Rotate the Page. You can robe the desireed in the pdf doCumb and save it as a New File.
  • Cut PDF Pages. This Tool Cuts a Rectangular Area on Each Pdf Page and Saves the Results in New Documents.
  • Extract Pages from PDF. Extracts The Selected Page of the PDF Document and Saves PDF Files Individually.
  • Delete Pages from PDF. Select the Page You do not Want to See in the Pdf, and the Program Will Do the Rest.
  • ENCRYPTED PDF. You Can Password Protect Any PDF Document. And for setting user Rights.
  • Decrypt PDF Document is Password Protected.
  • Editing PDF Metadata. INSERT Information Into A PDF File, Such AS Title, Author, Subject, Keyword and Other Fields.
  • Printing PDF Documents.
  • Into The Output Document Directly from the Program Interface.

Update The Content of Alterpdf 3.five:

Alterpdf Pro

The Official Website Does Not Provide Any Information ABOUT THE CHANGES MADE to THIS VERSION.

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