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Download Alternate Calculator 3 – A Simple Calculator that CanSlate Currency (And.G. Euro).

Download Alternate Calculator 3.610 Calculator

Alternate Calculator:

Alternative Calculator IS A Simple Calculator that CanSo to Translate Currency (E.G.G. Euro). IT HAS Included A Number of Predetermined Currencies and the Exchange Rate Changed Individually. An internal editor is included that can be used to recode and save the Calculation Steps Performed.

Alternate Calculator – Calculator and Currency Converter

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Alternate Calculator Can Also with Different Number Systems (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, Customer-Defined). This Program Can Customize the Size of the Window and Its Appe their. It is a free software. Program Needed .Net Framework 2.0 or Higher (Already in Windows Since Windows Vista).

This Tool Contains The Currency Editing Function, Were You Can Determine the Type of Private Money to Calculations. Also Includes Euro Functionaly. Languages Included: English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Polish.

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