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Acronis True Image WD Edition 25 – Software Lets You Clone Your Drive, Back Up Your Operationing System, Applications, Settings, and All Data to a New Drive

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Acronis True Image WD Edition:

Acronis True Image WD Edition Can Copy The Drive, Back Up the Operating System, Applications, Installation, and All Data, and Securely Delete All Unnecessary Secret Data. Acronis True Image WD Edition Provides All the Essential Tools To Restore YOR COPUTER SYSTEM OF DISASTER, SUCH AS DATA LOSS, ACCIENTAL DELTION HH. If the Incident Ocurs to Prevent Access to Information Or Affect System Operation, You Will to Restore The System and Lost Data Easily.

Features of Acronis True Image WD Edition

  • Drive Cloning. Clone the Source Drive to the New Wd Drive, Leaving All Data on the Source Drive.
  • Drive Migration. Delete The Source Drive after Creating the New Wd Drive.
  • Deploying the Drive. Allows Users to Prepare WD Drives So that Selected Folders or Partitions Can BE Excluded from the Target Image.
  • Backup the Drive Image. Long-Term Use of Drive Kit Software Allows Users to Obtain A Full Backup Image of the Source Drive AT AT AT AT AT ANY. Backup Drive Image Is Stored as a File, Which Can Be Copied to Ans Directly Connected Drive, Network-Ttached Storage Drive, Or Optical Media (CD/DVD).
  • Recovering the drive Image. Recovery Manager Allows Users to Restore Drive Images from Live or Network Mounted Drives. Recovery Manager Cancer Eraso Only Part of the Drive Ussed for the Recovered Drive Image Or All Previous Operating Systems.
  • Create A Bootable Standalone Recovery Manager. With Drive Kit Software, Users CAN CREATE BOOTable ISO Image Files. Contains The WD Drive Kit Standalone Recovery Manager Software.
  • Recover Drive Image from Bootable Recovery Manager. Stand-Alone Bootable Recovery Manager that Allows Users to Restore Drive Images from CD/DVD Drives, Live Drives Or Network Drives.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10, Windows 11 (Most Editions, Including October 2020 Update, Except Windows Iot, Windows Embeded, Windows 10 LTS, BAND Windows 10 LTSC Editions)
  • Windows 8.1 (Except For Windows Embedededs)
  • Windows 8 (Except Windows Embedved Editions)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (All Editions)
  • Windows Home Server 2011.

How to clone a disk in the Acronis True Image 2021 appendix ?


Use of this Software Requires Download And Installation on a System Connected to Least One of the Compatible Western Digital Storage Products (WD, Sandisk, G-Technology). When Used with My Cloud Nas Products, The Software Must Run from An Operating System On the Same Local Network.

The Installation Process Is Very Simple.

  • Download The .Zipper File that Includes The Executable and User’s Guide.
  • Unzip the .Exe File and the User’s Guide.
  • Run The Executable and Follow the Instructions on the Screen.

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