Download Xreveal 2.3.3

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Download Xreveal 2-A Windows-Bassed Application that Automatically Removes DVD and Blu-Ray Media Restrictions


Xreveal IS A Similar Application to Anydvd. This is an intercetive reseterch and scoping project. XREVEAL DOES NOT CONTINAN ANY Decryption KEYS, BUT IS BASED SOLELY On the Official and Public Aacs Specification. Decryption Key or Database Is Required to Make It Work.

Download Xreveal 2.3.3 xreveal

Features of Xreveal

  • Remove Blu-Ray Aacs 1.0 Protection
  • Removes Blu-Ray Aacs 2.Protection 0 (UHD)
  • Remove BD Protection+
  • Remove BDAV Protection
  • Remove CSS Protection of DVDS
  • Remove CPRM Protection
  • Remove CPPM Protection
  • Remove CD Digital Audio (CDDA) Protection
  • Decoding with Network Connection
  • Original 64-bit Software

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