Download VovSoft Bulk QR Code Generator 1.1

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Download Vovsoft Bulk QR Code Generator – The Batch QR Code Generator Is Fast and Supports Different Modes Such as Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte and Binary

Vovsoft Bulk QR Code Generator:

QR Codes Are Commonly Ussed to Hold Data for Locators, Identifiers or Trackers that Point to a Web Page. QR Code Stores Data Efficently by Supporting Different Encoding Modes Such as Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte and Binary. Generals of QR Codes with Different Data Individually Can Take A Long Time. BUTH VOVSOFT BULK QR Code Generator, You CAN GENERATE QR Codained Several Simple Texts at the Same Time, Geneering Bulk QR Codes.

Although There are Several Online QR Code Generators, Some Users May Prefer To Usktop Application that Does Not Requy Annternet Conneption. The Best Part of this Program is That The Conversion Takes Place Completly Offline. The Main Advantage of this Software is that it is Give Generate More That QR Code at Once Very Easy and Quickly.

How to Use the Program:

  1. Open The Program.
  2. Upload Any Text File, Using the Menu: File > Upload
  3. Select Any Folder, Using the File Menu > Save EVERYTHING To A Folder
  4. The Application Will Do For You by Creating Image Files and Saving them to the Specific Folder

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