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Hotelo V1.0 – Hotel Management System

Download Vladovsoft Hotel 12 – Hotel Management Software Helps Keep Track of All Hotel Delivers, Sales, Reservations and Dinners in the Hotel.

Download Vladovsoft Hotel 12.0 hotel

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How to download Visual C ++ all distributed components (VC ++ REDISTRIBUTABLE)

Vladovsoft Hotel:

Vladovsoft Hotel IS An Easy-T-T-AFFordable Hotel Management Software. Keeps Track of All Delivers, Sales, Reservations and Dinners and Hotel Management Easier than Ever Before.

Features of vladovsoft Hotel

  • Activities with Unrestricted Numbers of Products and Services
  • Activities Without Limited Number of Rooms, Reservations and Accommodations
  • Working with Operators with Different User Rights
  • The Forms for Making Delivers and Sales
  • Activities with Barcode Scanner and Barcode Reader
  • Can be sorted into Tables in Any Column
  • Ability to Import and Export Each Table in XML
  • Export in the Form of An Interactive Website, Ready for Publication On the Internet
  • Automates The Appropriate Data After Each Operation
  • Automates The New Product Price After Delivery
  • A Large Number of Reports and Charts in Table and Graph Form
  • Print Front View, Select Print and Print Tables, Form and Report
  • Import and Export Data to and from Access and Excel
  • Export, Document and Report to PDF

The Advantages of Vladovsoft Hotel

  • Small, Fast and Stable, Beautiful User Interface
  • Intuitive Work Buttons and Menu
  • Correct Menus and Buttons Ares Wore Expect Them to Automatically Calculate in HTML
  • Allows You to Centralize Products and Reports or Simply Email Them, Back Up Daily Database
  • HELP YOUR DATA be More Secure than Ever Before.

System Requirements:

  • The Supported Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Empty Disk Volume: 100 Mb OR MORE.

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