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Download Turbovnc 3 – High Quality Enterprise Vnc Version, Based on Tightvnc, Tigervnc and X.Org Enabling Connection to VNC Server


TurboovNC IS A High -quality Enterprise VNC Version, Based on Tightvnc, Tigervnc and X.Org That Enables Efficent Connectivity to the Vnc Server. Turboovnnc Was Derved from TightVnc In 2004 and Still Includes All The Features of Tightvnc 1.3.X, BUT TURBOVNC Contains Many Feature Improvents and Bug Fixes Related to Tightvnc, and Also Compresses Workloads. 3D and Video Work Much Better than Tightvnc, with A Consumption of 5-20%.

Download TurboVNC 3.0.2 turbovnc

TurboovNNC Cansmit More than 50 Megapixels/SEC Over A 100 Megabit/S Local Area Network with Uncomprome Image Image Image. TURBOVNC Cansmit 10 to 12 Megapixels/S over a 5 Megabit/s Broadband Connection with Reduced (BUT USBLE) Image Quality.


Turboovnc features

  • Detailed Control of Jpeg Image Quality and Chroma Subsampling
  • Double Buffering On the Client Side to Reduce Screen Tearing in 3D and Video Applications
  • Flexible and Configurable Full Screen/Multi Monitor Support
  • Full Support for IPV6
  • Advanced Flow Control and Constant Updates (Significantly Imprings Performance on High-Latency Conneptions)
  • Authentication with a Unique Password Or Unix Login Credentials (In Addition to the Standard VNC Password)
  • Access Control Lists (To Share VNC Sessions Only with Certain Users)
  • Allow Global Security/Authentication Policy Setting for A Specific Server
  • Multi-Threaded Encryption.

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