Download Training Manager Enterprise 2022 v3.2.1014

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Download Training Manager Enterprise 2022 V3 – A Comprehensive Utility Software that Allows You to Track Records and Status of Staff Training Training

Download Training Manager Enterprise 2022 v3.2.1014 training

Training Manager Enterprise:

Training Manager Enterprise IS Comprehensave Utility Software that Allow You to Keep Track of Personel Training Records and Status, Letting You Know Exactly Who Needs to Be Trained, When, and On What Hat. The Application Provides Detailed Reports that Allow You to See The Overdue and Incoming Training Pocess at the Next Scheden Period. The Report Allows You to See What Is Coming up, Giving You Time To Prepare and Schedule Training. Using Manager Enterprise, You Will Be Able to Easily Keep Track of Different Trainings, Such AS Staff Training, Employee Safety Training, Internal/Extranal Training, etc. The Software Will Also Allow You to Keep All YoR Employees In One Place, So You Always Know Where to Find Them.

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Training Manager Enterprise – Staff Training Records Management

Software Training Manager Enterprise Allows You to Manage and Share Training Data in Your Company to Increase Transparency of Training Records. You can specify who has access to view or edit training records for personalnel. Training Management Allows You to Print Employee Training Plan and Scoryboard. The Software Can Also Export Reports and Training Data in Different File Formats.

The Features of Training Manager Enterprise

  • Track Company-Wide Training Records and Status or Delve Into Personal Training Status.
  • Assignment of Required Training by Indicual, Job Function Or Group.
  • Schedule and Manage Training Sessions and Admissions.
  • Record Attendance, Training Complement, and Delete.
  • Recording of Credits, Training Hours, Training Scores and Reviews.
  • Prints Status Reports to Demonstrate Compliance Training.
  • In the Scorecard the Staff.
  • In Planning Staff Training.
  • Training Cost Tracking by Group, Individual, Course, Category, Or Supervisor.

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