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Download u -he Hive 2 – A Synthesis of Software Designed to Make Processor Easy To Use More


U-Hive is A Software Synthesis Designed to Make Your Processor More User-Friendly, and Easy to Use Even For Beginners. Although The Overall Appearant Is Quite Challenging, It is Designed to Run from A Single Window, Reducing the Need to Open Many Separate Parts. Thanks to the Thumbful Design of the Workflow, Navigation and Work with it More Easily That Firstle Color Scheme for the Eye. It is on Two Generators, Each Generator Has a Generator, and a Full Controller.

U -hee – Support for Creating A Vibrant Sound

Oscillators Can Be Set in Monophonic, Polyphonic, Duet Or Legato Mode, With up to 16 Voices. Of the OSC, Like Most Other Parts of the Synthesizer, There is the Drop-Down Menu that Gives Access to Presets for Each Section. SOU CAN CALL A PRESET FOR ANY PART, Inst, CHANGINGSTASHINGSTS. This is What is comonly used in Soft Synthetic, and it is Great from the User’s Point of View.

The Synthesis of the Mechanism Has Three Modes that Can Be Switched: Normal Mode, Firing Mode and Clean Mode, And after Escape from the Transmission Signal Inte Partm. Filter Controls Can Be Locked by Right-Clicking Ony Parameter and Selecting the Key. MIDI Training IS ALSO AVAILABLE To Assign Any Device to Almost Any Control Element of the Interface. .

Download u-he Hive u-he

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The Features of U-Hee Hive

  • CPU and Synthesizer Friendly
  • Design a Page
  • Each Panel Provides Pressets in the Drop-Down Menu
  • Solo Buttons for Each of the Oscillators and Filter Table
  • Customizable User Interface
  • More than 2700 Preinstalled
  • 3 Different Synth Engine Characters
  • 2 Pairs of Stereo and Sub Oscillators with 9 Different WaveForms
  • Polyphonic (Up To 16 Hours), Duo-Phonic, Mono and Legato Modes
  • Up To 16x Unison Per Oscillator
  • 2 Sets of Filters: Low-Pass, High-Pass, BandPass, Bandreject, Or Reach The Top
  • Oscillators and Flexible Routing Filter
  • General Clock for Arpeggiator and Sequencer, With Optional Server Synchronization, Your Strit
  • 2 Lfos with Many Different Shapes, Sync Options and Uniplar Switch
  • The Additional Oscillator Vibration
  • 2 Pairs of Adsr Envelopes, Each Stage Cance BE AdJusted Individually
  • Scroll Control, Constant Speed Or Duration Mode Donmet Change
  • Modulation Matrix 12 Slots with 2 Targets on Each Slot, Loads of Targets, Including All FX Parameters
  • 7 Quality Effects on Board: Distortion, Chorus, Delay, Phaser, EQ, Reverb Disk, Compressor
  • The Size of the On-Screen Keyboard Can Vary From 70% To 200%
  • Arpeggiator with Direction, Order, Octave and Frame/Sequential Restart Control 16 Steps to Guide Notes Midi Modulation Learn Page and List Can Edit
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