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Download Tatukgis Editor 5 – Mapping and Gis Data for Desktop, Professional and General Purpose Environment with Script Integration

Tatukgis editor:

Tatukgis editor IS A Mapping and Gis Data Application for Desktop, Professional and General Environments with Built-in Customize and Expand Function. The Free Tatukkis Viewer Is the Same as the Editor. Tatukkis Editor Supports Cell Site and WMS / TMS / WMTS Standard for Streaming Map Or Data From The Web Or A Remote Source. .

Tatukgis Editor – Mapping and Gis Data

Users Can Directly See Opening and Exporting (Without Import Or Format Conversion) 75+ Vector, Geographic, Image, Grid and Database Data Formats. TATUKGIS Editor Suppors: Shp, MIF, TAB, GML, KML, JSON, DXF, DGN, DWG, GPX, OSM, CAP Ply, GRD, FLT, BT and the FORMAT For OTARA DATABASS: POSTGIS, Oracle Specialialelialelial & Georaster, Mssql Special Server, Esri ArcSDDD & ArcSde Raster, IBM DB2 Special Extender, Geomedia, Opengis SQL Layer and Other Types.

!. Link Structure Editing Tool Systemally Check and Delete Fault Geemetry from Vector Layers, Including Polygon Overlap, Holes Between Polygons.

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Other Features of Tatkgis Editor

  • Editor-style Line Integration Provides Unlimited Styling of Lines
  • Unicode Support for All Foreign Languages
  • CGM and Truetype icons for Points, Lines and Fills
  • Standard Printing from HTML Images with Limited Resolution
  • Is Template-Based with the Way to Add New Layouts
  • Epsg Code and Wkt Opengis Definition
  • Rejects Vector/Raster Class on the Fly
  • Rectifier & Class Vectors/Images in A Coordinate System
  • Output Is Edited to Be Creed Quickly and Can be Seen Impressed
  • Create, Edit and Save Geometry
  • Attribute Creation, Editing and Saving
  • Pixel Level Manipulation (Brightness, Transparency, Graphic, ETC.).)

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