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Download Sun Moon Calendar 9 – Moon Calendar Software Will Help You Calculate the Sunset, Sunrise and Phase of the Sun and Moon with Over 2000 Locations Included at

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Sun and Moon Calendar:

Sun Moon Calendar is a Lunar Calendar Software that Will Help You Find The Date and Time of the Full Moon, New Moon and All Intermediate Phasses. In Addition to the Phasses of the Moon, You Also Find The Daily Rate of Illuminance of the Moon and the Current Age of the Moon. The Program Calculates The Sunset, Sunrise and Phasses of the Sun and Moon. Covers Over 2000 Locations in 110 Countries. Program Includes Zodiac Signs, Holy Day and Ad Year Date, Moon in the Ecosystem, A Graphical Overview of Moon Brightness, Information and Time Zone Comparison. P>

In Addition to Astronomers and Astrologers, This Program is Very Useful for the Need to Know ABOUT RISING and SETTINGS AS FISHERMO. Note that Increment and Ensembles Can Differ Significty at a Distance of 100 Miles.

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Features of Sun Moon Calendar

  • Absolute Local Accuracy by Managing Individual Placesements
  • Beautiful Daily Graphics
  • Easy Navigation and Additional Search Function
  • Scientification Calculation Method Regarding the Influence of Lunar Distance and the Ability to Print You Own Professional Reports – Monthly Lists, Annual Oververs, ETC.

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