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Download Veronisoft IP Monitor – A Software that Allows You to Monitor The Server’s IP Network Connection Over The Internet Or Lan

Veronisoft IP Monitor:

Veronisoft IP Monitoring IS Software that Allows You to Monitor The Network Connection of the Server Ip on the Internet Or Lan. The Application Periodically Pings, Checks TCP, HTTP Or HTTPS ONER-SPECIFied IP Devices (Server, Router, Workstation). Veronisoft IP Monitor Can Monitor the Ip of the Device and Show Notifications When The Status Changes. YOU CAN ALSO View and Access Shared Folders, Open Web and FTP, Ping, Track Routes and Send Messages. Monitor IP VS Camera to Generate a Status Log File.

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Veronisoft IP Monitor – IP Surveillance Over the Internet

Download Veronisoft IP Monitor monitor

The Main Features of Veronisoft IP Monitor

  • Device IP Monitoring (IPV4, IPV6)
  • Maximum. Number of IP Devices Monitored Dependes on Max Screen Resolution. 70
  • Monitoring of Ping / TCP / HTTP / HTTPS
  • Interval Monitoring Ping: 1 to 500 Seconds, TCP: 3 To 500 Seconds, URL: 5 to 500 Seconds
  • Visual (Pane Design, Message Pane) and Audio (Text, Voice, Wav, Custom) Notifications
  • Running a Custom Application Or Bat File When Changing State
  • Log Options in Txt or CSV Status File
  • Can Run Six Versions of VS IP Monitor On the Same Computer.

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