Rocket Royale 1.8.5 + 1.8.4 Mod

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Download Royale APK (Free) – An Extremely Beautiful and Interesting Survival Action Game Similar to the Famous Forte Knight Game From Onetongames


Rocket Royale An Extremely Beautiful and interesting survival action game similar to the game Knight of the Fort Famous from OneTongames for Android is released for free on Google Play. With Rocket Royale, you are on an island with another group of online users Around the World, Each Fighing to Survive and Destroy Them. EVEYONE HAS THE SAME CHANCE TO SURVIVE, But Only Winn Will Be The Last To Survive, There is another Way to Find the Means of Making 3 Missiles and escape the island with it with it! Interestingly, right?! You can use different items Available for self-defense, by Incaseing Your Edability, you have a Higher Chance of Winning. This is where you have to Find Ways to win, take away weapons of other users and protect youurself! If you are a Fan of Survival Games, Rocket Royale Will Defintely Catch You.

Rocket Royale Mod Version 2.3.5 Rocket Royale Mod Menu 2022 Rocket Royale #shorts

Rocket Royale – Survival on deserted Island

Rocket Royale 1.8.5 + 1.8.4 Mod Rocket

Many Rocket Royale Players Try Solo, Duo and Squad Up to 3 Players Each Team. All Players Are Real Online, No Fake Bot! There are many content to explorer: Characters, Hammer, Avatar, Custom Missile, Even Dance! Advanced by Achieving XP and Incursing and competing in the Global Rankings!

Features of Rocket Royale

  • Rocket Battle Royale Game Unique.
  • Everything is devasting! Real Sandbox Mode.
  • Handicraft Defense, Fortress, Tower, Heavenly Bridge, Anything Can!
  • Online Matches 25 People Play Fast In Real Time!
  • Play with Friends Online, Connect With Your Friends Game Through A List of Friends.
  • The Highest FPS (Frame per second) You can get!
  • Tons of Items and Weapons to Plungers!
  • World Battlefields are large.

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