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Download Soundop Audio Editor – Complete Audio Editing for Windows that Works Seamlessly With Audio Editing and Mixing of Multiple Trackks

Soundop Audio Editor

Soundop Audio Editor:

Soundop Auditor IS A Complete Audio Editor for Windows Seamlessly with Audio Editing and Mixing of Multiple Tracks in One Application. Both Audio Editing and Mixing of Multiple Tracks have An Independent and Clearly Organized Workspace for Each Task. You can manage the entire Audio Source of a Multitrack Project Without Ever Leaving the Application. The Entire Sound Process Can Be Performed in Soundop Auditor Intuitive and Efficently. Soundop Offers a Number of PowerFul Features with A Small Package Size. Downloading, Installing and Running the Application Is Very Fast. Soundop’s Design and Implementation Are Fully Optimized to Reduce CPU and Memory Consumption for Resource-Intensive Tasks, Allowing You to Take Full Advantage of Youth Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syour Syours.

With an extensave Feature set, intuitive workspace and retormancation, Soundop Will Be the Ideal for Creating Your Creative Sound.

Soundop features:

  • ASIO Devices are Supported for Low Late Playback and Recording.
  • Record Accuratly at Up TO 24 Bits and 192 KHZ.
  • Download Audio Data from Most Audio and Video Formats.
  • Loads Audio Data from the CD Track.
  • Save Audio in Major Audio Formats, Including MP2, MP3, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, AU, OGG, FLAC, APE, WMA and RAW PCM Files.
  • EDIT ID3 Tags, Vorbis Comments, Riff, AIFF and Other Metadata For Respective Audio Formats.
  • EDIT Acid Information on Music Loops.
  • Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, Cut and Mix Pasted Audio Data with Sample Accuracy.
  • Changes The Sound Spectrum in the Selected Area.
  • Eliminate Background Noise from Your Recording with the Noise Reduction Tool.
  • Process Sound with The Tools of Amplification, Fading, Fading, Boost, Normalization, Inversion, Time-Stretching and Pitch Shifting.
  • Adjust Waveform Non-Intersection Time Selection.
  • Apply a Sequence of Effects to an Audio Selection with The FX Rack Panel.
  • Precise Control Over Recording Punch in, Out and Loop Loging.
  • Adding An Unlimited Number of Bus Tracks and Sounds.
  • Professional Mixing Tool with 32-bit precision.
  • Adding More than Rail to the Bus Track.
  • Set the output of the track to the Input of the Side String of Sound Effects.
  • Display Multiple Effects Panels to Instantly Monitor and Adjust Certain Sound Effects.
  • High-Quality Built-in Effects Including EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Reverb, Chorus, Flange, Phaser, Delay, Echo and More.
  • Supports VST and VST3 Effects Plug -ings with Optimized Features to Access Rich Third-Party Effects.
  • Apply Effects with The Built-in Effects Sequence and Effects Pressets. Add Custom Effect Pressets and Effect Sequences to Your Favorite Presets.
  • Customizing the Workspace with Function Tables.
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Operations.
  • List All Recent Projects and Audio Files in the Start Panel and Open Them with A Single Click.
  • Managing All Properties of a Track in the Dashboard.
  • Precisely Edit the Properties of Audio Clips in the Clips Panel.
  • Manage Audio Clip Automation Curves with The Clip Automation Panel.
  • Control and Adjust Settings for All Tracks in the Mixer Panel.
  • Clear and Convenent Management of Audio Sources in Multi-Track Projects with the File Panel.
  • Add Markers for Positions and Intervals, List All Marcers in the Marcers Panel, and Easily Navigate to Saved Positions.

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