Elephant Money Manager 5.0.0 bulid 32 APK – Pro Version

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Download Elephant Money Manager 5 APK (Free) – The Optimized App for Managing Your Personal Wealth, Recorder Your Financial Expenses and Activities

Elephant Money Manager APK OVERSEW – PRO Version:

Elephant Money Manager, The Optimized App for Personal Wealth Management. Elephant Money Manager is an expense tracker to record your financial acttivities of spending and income. We do not save information, protecting your privacy. Its Simple Design Makes It Lightweight, Straightforward and very easy to use.


Features of Elephant Money Manager APK

  • You can choose dark theme or light theme to your liking. Both modes are very Beautiful.
  • Elephant Bookkeeping Has Five Different Colors for Theme. You need the style you prefer.
  • Based on the Record You Enter, You Can Always See Expenses by Category and Changes Beteween Months. In addition, you can see the change in Your Athments and Encrolution/Expenses indicated by a graph.
  • You Can Restore Records From Sdcard, Backup Files Will Be Saved Automatically When You Add Records, And You Can Also Backup Files Manual.
  • You can Create Asset Accounts, Such As Cash, Bank Cards, Financing, Stocks, etc. And Monitor The Change, Transfer and Order Records of Asset Accounts.
  • Money Manager Has Different Types of Records, Including Food, Bills, Transportation, Car, Entertainment, Shopping, Clothing, Insurance, Taxes, Phone, Smoking, Health, Pets, Beauty, Vegetables, Education, Salary, Premiums, Sales, Refunds, investigations, investigations , Investments, Investments, Investments, Divide, etc.

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