Download Programming TelePrompter 2.6.2

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Download Programming Teleprumpter 2 – a Cleaner, Easier to Use, Modern and PowerFul Writing/Presentation Desktop for Windows

Teleprompter Programming:

Teleprompter Programming IS A Cleaner, Easier to Use, Modern and PowerFul Text/Presentation Desktop for Windows. The Program Canplay Smooth Scrolling Text in a Window that Cange Size Or Full Screen On The Computer At Your Desk. HAS The LATEST Technical Programming (Microsoft .Net 4 / WPF) Use the Computer’s Built-in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Hardware. To have a smoother Rolling Experience in a Large Window, The Graphics Card Must Be PowerFul En feing.

We Tested the Free Teleprompter App,, that follows your voice

Programming Teleprompter features

  • Scroll Speed is Adjustable in a Wide Range, Using the Trackbar Or Mouse Wheel
  • 5 Text Location – Download Text from File or Enter it Manully
  • You can Choose Background and Text Color, Font, Line Height, Alignment and Margin
  • Percentage Label to Display The Percentage that Has Passed of the Text is scrolling (Which Is the Correct Setting When Changing the Speed)
  • Pace Option on Mouseover
  • Eyeliner Options, Displaying The Semi-Transparent Outline Around the Central Lines of Text (Can Adjust Height and Color)
  • Mode, Semi-Transparent (0.90 p.C.), to Display Another Window Below The Memo
  • Rub Function – Roll in Text with a Slider
  • 10% Transfer .. 90% of Selected Text with One Click.

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