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Download Popchar 8 – Software that Types Special Characters for Text. Popchar Allows You to Easily Navigate and Search a SPECIAL CHARACTER


Popchar IS Software for Typing Special Characters for Text. Popchar Is Easy to Navigate and Search The Special Font. Wen you use popchar you don’t lave the headache of remembering key commbinations to characters, Most Importantly, EVERYTHING THAT WAS AVAILABLE ON POPCHAR ONLY NEDEDEDEDDEDDEDDED OPTIONS -> Click Select Is has special Characters on the Text.

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Popchar – Typing Special Fonts

Popchar Just Select the Desireed Font to Make Its Appear Directly in the Document. Popchar Operation for Modern Applications Supports Unicode as well as with the old application only Supports ASCII CHARACTER SET IS Smaller. In unicode mode popsHar you Easily Navigate and Search with fonts that contain. Web Designers Will Especially Apprecate the Ability to Insert Html Symbols.

Popchar’s Key Features

  • INSERT SPECIAL CHARACTERS Directly Into the Document
  • Easy To Use: Just Click to Insert Characters
  • Fully Unicode Support
  • Search for characters by name, Based on Unicode Number
  • Working Through Border Fonts
  • Consult Recent Character for Quick Access To Regular Characters
  • Flexibility of the User Interface
  • Displays The Keystrokes Needed to Create the Selected Character
  • Automatically Detects Characters Found In Many Popular Applications
  • Font Menus Are Optimized Contains Only The Most Recently Used Fonts
  • Activate Hotkeys

Note: The Shortcut Keys for Opening Popchar 8 Are the Key "P"

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