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Download Persona – The Program Helps You Create An Outline of History, A Place to Compile Research, A Dictionary Application, Check


Person Is the Program That Helps You Create A Story Outline, A Place to Compile Research, A Dictionary App, Check Spelling, And More. BUT What ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER? Use Anything to Make Them Grow, Or Just Let Them Grow? WelCome to the Person. REGARDESS of Whather YOU ARA AMAC OR WIN Win User, Persona Will Help You Create the Most Powerful Character Possible.

PACKED WITHIN Persona Are the Subject of Archepal Good Guys and Bad Guys. The Prototype Is Described in Detail: Personality Traits, Qualites, Flaws, Backgrounds, Occupates, and How They Interact with Personalities. . IT ALSO Allows You to See What Will Happen If your Character Gets Damage and Turns from Hero and Heroine to Villain Or Villains.

Persona features

  • Program to Write Advanced Characters
  • Extensave Library of Writing Tools
  • Creating the Storyline
  • Compiled Search
  • The Integration of the Archepal Theme

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