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Download PDNOB IMAGE TRANSLATOR 2 – A Software to Extract Text From Images and PDF Files with Recognition in 8 Different Languages

Cepat & Mudah! Cara Convert Gambar / PDF KE Text Dengan Cepat – Pdnob Image Translator

PDNOB IMAGE Translator:

PDNOB IMAGE Translator IS Software That Extexts Text from Images and PDF Files with A Single Click. Compile Image Designed to Quickly Convert Image to Spelling Text. In Case You Want to Use Ocr Functionly to Extract Text from Screenshots, Scanned Pdf Files Or Other, The Best Way is to Download the Pdnobo Ocr Scanner on A PC.

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PDNOB Image Translator Uses The Most Sophisticated OCR Technology to Record Text. This Process Happens Instantly and Quickly, Creating High-Quality Text. It is used to Lighten Work Processes, Providing Users with The Most Efficent Way to Avoid Losing Orplacing Documents.

The Free OCR Software Also Offers Users The Ability to Create Custom Shortcuts, Which Allow Them to Quickly Capture Text and Accesses Specific Functions. Besides The Fact That Users Can Extract From The Image, PDNOB Image Translator Allows Users to Exteacts From The PDF Fast Speed.

Features of Pdnob Image Translator

  • Features Highly Accurate Recognition Technology.
  • Use the & OCR to Extract Data from Scanned Images.
  • Use the & OCR Screen To EXTRACT FROM Scanned PDF Files.
  • Supports 8 Languages.

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