Download PresenTense Time Server 5.0.1286.0

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Download Pressentense Time Server 5 – High -Performance Windows Time Server, Supports NTP and SNTP Protocols and Synchronizes Your PC with The Time

Presentense Time Server:

Presentense Time Server IS High-Performance Windows Time Server, Supports NTP and SNTP Protocol. Presentense Time Server Will Synchronize Your PC with Primary Time Like An Atomic Clock on the Internet or Gps Receiver Roads and Offer Tim Services to Clents on the Lan Oriur Lan Orure Lan Orure Lan Orure. Most GPS and Radio Top Watchs Are Supported Through The Serial/Usb Port. Supports Free Running, SO it Maintains an Accurate Time Even if the Internet Connection is Interrupte or Reference Clock is Incorreect. Filtering Algorithms Achieve Extremely High Accuracy.

Presentense Time Server – High -Performance Windows Time Server

Download PresenTense Time Server 5.0.1286.0 time

Windows Server time synchronization with an external NTP source

Settings Automatically Configure Time Servers by Default, So that in Most Cases, You have Time Server Operation after Installation is complic. Email and Syslog Alerts in Case of an error. Internet-Based Durabiley Backup Server IF GPS Hardware Locilla Fauty. Error Handling of PowerFul Com Ports, Including USB Conneption Disconnaction Recovery, Which Ocurs on Many Virtual Com Ports to Be Sent Along with GPS. Updates Canfigure CMOS/BIOS CLOCK to AVOID TIME DRIFT that cancur wen rebooting modern motherboard.

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