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Download Password Manager XP 4 – A Password Manager Allows You To Create Or More Secure Databases to Store Sensitive Information

Password Manager XP:

Password Manager XP IS A Password Manager that Allows You To Create Or More Secure Databases to Store Sensitive Such AS Login Information and Password. Each Database Is Encrypted Simultaneousuply with Different Algorithms (Blowfish, 3des, Rijndael, Tea, Cast128, RC4, Serpent, Twofish). You CAN CREATE YOUR OWN CATEGORES, Generate Passwords, Set Expiration Dates and Add Comments for Each Entry.

Password Manager XP Also Offers a Convent Feature that Allows You to Install The Program and Database on A Removable Disk, Suchh as a USB Flash Drive Or Similar; This allows you to Quickly Put the Importance of Its Way While Keeping Them in a Secure Environment.

Password Manager XP – Secure Password Manager

Download Password Manager XP 4.0.769 password

In Addition, You CAN CREATE A PASSWORD DATABASE ON SHARED Resources and Access Its Multiple Computers on the Network. Mobile devices Wizard Will Help You Password Manager Xp Ony Removable Media, Such AS A USB Flash Drive . YOU CAN RUN Password Manager XP and Work with Database Passwords Directly from Your Mobile Device.

Password Manager XP Can Greatly Simplify your work with the Internet and Windows Applications in General; and. IT Can Automatically Fill Web Pages, Registration Form, Login Window, ETC. This feature is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Most Windows Applications.

Additional Features Include Automatic Database Lock, Built-in Internet Explorer, Database Backup and More.

Password Manager XP Features

BitWarden. Best password manager. Your server. Installation and configuration.

High Level of Security

  • Support Encryption Algorithm After (Can Be Used Togeter): Blowfish, 3des, Rijndael, Tea, Cast128, RC4, SERPENT, TWOFISH;
  • Unencrypted Temporary Files Are Never Creed;
  • Memory Block is Deleted Wen it is no longer needed;
  • Password Integration;

Password Manager for Multiple Users

  • Supports Multiple Databases;
  • The Ability to Access The Password Database from Multiple Computers on the Network;
  • User Privileges can be adejusted based on the Database Provided;
  • Rights Can Be Set for Folders Or Even Individual Records;
  • Write Access to the Database for Multiple users;
  • NT Verification Support;
  • Loging of All Data Changes;
  • LOGS user Actions (Pro/Enterprise Version Only);

Other features

  • Database Fields and Folders Can Be Full Customized. Ability to Add/Edit/Remove Fields for Individual Folders or the Entire Database;
  • Auto-Complete and Form-Fill Function . IT Currently Works in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Most Other Convention Windows Applications;
  • The File Can Be Attached to the Profile Database;
  • Supports Hotkeys, System-Wide;
  • Printing and Ability to Create Custom Print Templates;
  • The Ability to Store the Password Database and the Program on your mobile device, Suchch as a USB Flash Drive;
  • Synchronize the Database Via Cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox);
  • Database Password Backup and Restore;
  • Export and Import to/from CSV and Txt;
  • Ability to Check Password Expiration At Windows Startup;
  • The Program Canimized to the Taskbar;
  • of information;
  • Synchronize Local Database;
  • Convenent and Simple Adjustable Interface;
  • Romanian, Russian, Ukraine);
  • XP Theme Support.

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