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Download Passper for Word 3 – A Password Recovery Software to Open A Locked Word Document, Or Remove, Format and Edit Word

Passper for Word:

Passper for Word IS Software to Recover The Open Password of A Locked Word Document, Or to Remove Formatting and Editing Restrications on A Word Document with Password. Passper for Word Allows You To Recover Data Files Damage Due to Virus Attack, Sudden Failure, Hardware Failure, Sudden Power Failure, Network Connection, Device Error And Many Many Other. Passper for Word, with a Simple and Intuitive Interface, Is a Suitable and Easy-to -use Program for Beginners and Experts Alike.

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Passper for Word – Word Document Password Recovery

The Features of Passper for Word

  • Recover Password to Open A Word Document: Passper Provides 4 Types of Attack to Recover Password.
  • Remove Editing and Formatting Restricts in Seconds: Remove Protection and Edit Word Documents Even You have Forgotten Your Password.
  • Passper for Word Operations by A User-Elected Combination of Letters, Numbers Or Symbols. For Example, IF You Select C, A, Tis Method Will Combine Them Into Words Such As Cat, CTA, ACT, TCA and Many Other Words to Recover The Password.
  • Allows You to Recover Your Password Very Quickly If You Know Some Details ABOUT IT.
  • Try All Combinations of All Charters Until You Find the Password.

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