Download PassMark MonitorTest 4.0 Build 1000

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Download Passmark Monitortest 4 – A Simple Utility For Testing and Tuning LCDS and CRTS, SPECIFYing Screen Resolution

Passmark MonitorTest:

IF YOU NEED A SIMPLE UTILITY to TEST and Fine-Tune LCD and CRT, I Think You Can Use A Development Called MonitorTest . From the Screen, Clearly What is Waiting for You After the First One, There is No Difficulty to Understand What What. .

Passmark Monitortest – Test and Refine Your Screen

Download PassMark MonitorTest 4.0 Build 1000 monitortest

This Utility Provides 35 Test Screens with Different Colors, You Can Check and Review Which Type of Screen Provides Adequate Sharpness and Reduces Eye Fatigue, To Use On. With Passmark Monitortest, You Can Choose to Be a Screen that Has the Appropriate Color, The Clearest Sharpness, Not Dazzling to the Eye.

Download PassMark MonitorTest 4.0 Build 1000 monitortest

Features of Passmark MonitorTest

  • – Provides 35 Test Screens.
  • – Monitor Quality, Control Touch Screen.
  • – Multiple Display Control.
  • – Checks 35 Screens at Once or Selects One to View.
  • – Automatically Adjusts Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Resolution To Fit Computer Screen.
  • – Supports Many Popular Computer Screen Types LCD, Plasma, CRT…
  • – Full Support for Video Card To Use For 300 Different Video Modes.

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