Download NXPowerLite for File Servers 9.1.4

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Download NXPowerLite for File Servers 9 – Software Supports Automatic Recovery Storage by Compressing PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF Files on the Server

NXPowerLite for File Server:

NXPowerLite for File Servers IS a Software That Supports Automatic Recover Archiving by Compressing PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF FILES ON THE SERVER. This is a Really Simple Solution, "Set it and Forget it", Trusted by Thousands of Organizations. To Compress A File on Any Storage Device in the Same Windows Domain As the Machine on Which Nxpowerlite is Installed, EMC, NETAPP, and NOVELL NETWARE.

NXPowerLite for File Servers – Single Pass

NXPowerLite for File Server – Compressed Files on the Host

Features of nxpowerlite for File Server

  • The Compressed File Keeps The Same Format and Extension As the Original File.
  • In Addition to Compress All Files, Your Existing, Please Specify the Hot Folder To View and Compress The File to.
  • Easily Select Folders and Files to Compress. Selection of Files to Exclude Based on Specific Properties Such as Date of Last Modification, Location, and Extension.
  • Use Built-in Services Or Control Other Events Using The Windows Task Scheduler. This Gives You The Flexibility to work Around Other Mundane Tasks Such as Backups.
  • NXPOWERLITE CREATES COMPREHENSive Reports, Detailing Memory Usage and Savings Achieved by Compressing The File.

Download NXPowerLite for File Servers 9.1.4 File

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or Higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommoded)

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