Download OutlookAddressBookView 2.41

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Download OutlookadressbookView 2 – A Simple Utility that Displays The Details of All Recipients Stored in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book


OUTLOOKADRESSBOOKVIEWS A SIMPLE UTILITY THAT DISPLAYS THE DETAILS OF ALL Recipients Stored in the Address Book of Microsoft Outlook. , and more… You canisely Select Or More Recipients from the List and Export Them to a Tab/Comml/Html Delimited File Or Copy Them to the Clipboard and Paste?.

Download OutlookAddressBookView 2.41 outlookaddressbookview

Outlook Address Book | Delete & Download | Outlook 2016/2019/365

OutlookaddressbookView – Supports Microsoft Outlook

To Translate OutlookaddressbookView to Another Language, Follow The Instructions Below:

Download OutlookAddressBookView 2.41 outlookaddressbookview

  1. Run OutlookaddressbookView with The Parameter / Savelangfile:
    OutlookaddressbookView.EXE / SAVELANGFILE
    A File Whose Name Is OutlookaddressbookView_lng.The Ini File Will Be Creed in the Folder of Add-TolookaddressbookView.
  2. Open The Creed Language File in Notepad Or Any Other Text Editor.
  3. Translate All String Into The Desired Language. Optionally, You can add your name and/or a link to your Website. (Translatorname and Translatorurl Value) if You Add this Information, It Will Be Used in the Windows Introduction.
  4. After Finishing the Translation, Run OutlookaddressbookView and All Translad Strings Will Beaded From The Language File.
    IF YOU WANT to RUN OutlookaddressbookView Without the Translation, Simply Rename The Language File Or It to Another Folder.

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