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Download Open Hardware Monitor 0 – A Free, Open Source Application that Monitors Sensor Temperature, Voltage, Fan Speed, Load and PC Clock Speed

Open Hardware Monitor:

Open Hardware Monitoring IS An Open Source, Free Application to Monitor Sensor Temperture, Voltage, Fan Speed, Load and PC Clock Speed. Open Hardware Monitor Treats Most Monitoring Chips, IS Detected on Main Boars Today. CPU Status Can Be Recorded by Reading the Temperature Sensor of the Intel Or AMD Core Processor. You can view the Nvidia or Video Card Sensor and Smart Hard Drive Temperateure. The Tracked Number Canplayed in the Main Window, Desktop Gadget Or Taskbar. CPU Core Sensor.

Hwmonitor iron monitoring

Open Hardware Monitor – Monitor the Temperature, of the Computer

Features of Open Hardware Monitor

Sensor, Main Boards

  • – IT8712F Ite IT8705F, IT8718F, IT8721F, IT8728F, IT8726F, IT8771E, IT8772E
  • – Fintek F71808E, F71862, F71858, F718688AD, F71869A, F71869, F71889ED, F71882, F71889AD, F71889F
  • – NUVOTON NCT6772F, NCT6771F, NCT6776F, NCT6775F, NCT6779D, NCT6791D
  • – Winbond W83627DHG – P W83627DHG, W83627EHF, W83627THF, W83627HF, W83667HG, W83667HG -B, W83687THFFffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

GPU Sensor

  • – AMD (ATI)
  • – NVIDIA

Hard Drive

  • – SSD Read / Write Wear
  • – Smart Temperature Sensor

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