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Download NSASOFT Spotauditor 5 – A Windows Utility that Provides A Complete Solution to Recover Password and Information On Windows

Nsasoft spotauditor:

Nsasoft Spotauditor IS A Windows Utility that Provides a Comprehensive Solution for Recovery Passwords and Computer Information. Spotauditor Retrieves Passwords for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Outlook Express, Msn Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, ICQ, VNC, Dial UP, RAS, VPN, TRALINA, & Autoftp, FTP Control, FTP Navigator, FTP Password and Reveals IE Fields Entire Saved Password, Retrieve Stored Password.

NSASOFT Spotauditor – Password Recovery

The Main Features of Nsasoft Spotauditor

  • Recover Browser Password
  • Recover Windows Messenger Password
  • Dialup, Ras and VPN Password Recovery
  • Remote Desktop Password Decoder – RDP
  • ICQ Password Finder Tool
  • Trillian Password Recovery
  • Password Recovery, Webc 4.XXX
  • WinProxy Administrator Password Recovery
  • City Navigator Discover Password
  • WebDrive FTP Password
  • FFFTP Password Recovery
  • And many depths

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