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Download Nik Collection by Dxo 5 – Software Includes a Number of PowerFul Plugins for Windows and Adobe CC For Perfect Photo Editing

Nik Collection from DXO:

Nik Collection 2018 by dxo IS A Photo Editing Software, Creative, Powerful and Easily Accessible from the Plugin Dxo. The Program is a Series 7 plugins Creative For Windows and Adobe CC, Offering Filters, Visualization and Other Photo Editing Tools to Create Stunning Images. Promotes U-Pointm Technology to Adjust Locilla, and Adds a Full Set of Editing Features for Amazing Images: Images of You.

NIK Collection 2018 by Dxo Includes All The Latest Software Plugins for Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Lightroom®, Including: Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, Analog Efex Pro, HDR EFEX PRO, DFINE E Sharpeener Pro Gives PhotoGraphers The Most PowerFul Tools To Enhance and Edit Photos Accuratly and Naturaly, Without to Resort to Comples Selections.

Download Nik Collection by DxO collection

Nik Collection 2018 by DXO – Editing Create The Perfect Photo More

Features of Nik Collection 2018 by DXO Include:

  • Color Efex Pro : A Complete Filter for Color Correction, Retouching and Creative Effects.
  • Silver EFEX Pro Black and White Guiding Software with DarkRoom-enterod Controls.
  • Viveza : The Most PowerFul Software for Selectively Controling Color, Sound and Light in Photos.
  • ANALOG EFEX Pro Explore the Interface of the Photo, Film and Vintage Lenses.
  • HDR EFEX Pro : From Natural to Artistic, Explore The Full Potential of HDR PhotoGraphy.
  • Sharpeener Pro : Bring Out Hidden Details Consistently with Professional Choice of Image Sharpness.
  • Dfine : Enhance Your Images with Noise Reduction Tailored to Your Camera.

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