Download Mytoolsoft File Renamer 1.8.16

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Download MyToolsoft File Renamer – Software Renames Multiple Files in Batch Mode. Easy Two-Step Operation to Complete The Job of Renaming Files

MyToolsoft File Renamer:

MyToolsoft File Renamer is a Software to Rename Multiple Files in Batch Mode. The Two-Step Operation is Easy to Complete. Provides A Diverse Strategy, Such as: Rename by Ordinal Numbers, Replace Parts of File Names, Add Prefix or Suffix, Change Extensions, Convert Cases, Rename prints, Rename with Tagse with tagse. etc. Vendor Recovery Operations. What You See is What You Get, A Friendly, Fast and Easy-to -use User Interface.

Download Mytoolsoft File Renamer 1.8.16 File

How to rename the files with the Renamer program

MyToolsoft File Renamer Offers a Variety of Renaming Strategies. . etc.

Other features:

  • Easy Preview of All Files Before Renaming Them. When You Make Changes to File Storage Or Change Your Strategy, The Preview Will Respond Immediatly.
  • Wildcard Can be Used "*" O "?"To specify a list of files to be Renamed. For Example, All Files with the Extension "Dat" In the Current Location Can Be Represented AS "*" .Dat"
  • Simple and Friendly User Interface, What You See Is What You Get, Automatic Saving of Settings.

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